View Open Pull Requests from Multiple Authors

I work with 3-4 engineers and we have multiple pull requests open at a time, so having a way to filter through pull requests by multiple authors is super useful.

The current pull requests tab for a repository does not let you search by multiple authors, but you can use Github’s search feature instead to do this.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search via draft:false author:name_of_author and any additional strings you may find useful (see my example below).
  3. Bookmark the page after the initial search.

Now simply open the bookmarked url to quickly see open pull requests from your team.

  • Pull requests
  • In an open status
  • From my teammates
  • Under the same organization
org:some_organization type:pr is:open sort:updated-desc author:pkayokay author:some_user_1 author:some_user_2 author:some_user_3 draft:false

image description